Futbottling and footballs biggest futbottlers

Here is a post about some of the worst cases of footballers losing their bottle.

England in all but one of their penalty shoot-outs

The word futbottling was invented for England in penalty shoot-outs. Last year when we were knocked out on penalties by Italy (another team who aren’t exactly the king of spot kicks), it wasn’t so much being disappointed as it was thinking ‘oh, this again’. These people are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a week, the least you’d expect is that they are able to aim and kick a ball straight for 12 metres, but obviously this is asking too much. You might be able to blame it on the pressure from fans and media, but why do other nations seem to be able to keep their cool in a penalty shoot-out.

England’s record speaks for itself – 6 penalty shoot-outs, 5 lost.

Dimitar Berbatov – fantastic against the Sunderlands and Blackburns of this world, but put him up against top class opposition and his mind decides to go awol.

Patrick Vieira – futbottling at its finest when he wouldn’t square up to Roy Keane after deciding to pick on the slight Gary Neville.

Spurs – Don’t even have to mention how many times they’ve been the futbottling victims. 3 failed champions league bids and they always seem to lose one or two at home against lower opposition during a season.

AC Milan 2005 – They were 3-0 up at half time against a team who had finished below Everton in the Premier League. Shambolic – and it has led to the most irritating saying by football fans of all time – ‘5 times lad’.

John Pounder – apt name, and I bet no-one even knows who this muppet is. He is a Burnley fan who threw a bottle at QPR’s hardcase Joey Barton (see the pun there?). Anyway – he futbottled Joey Barton during a match between the Championship teams, and the lad’s in a spot of bother with the police.

Let’s hope he doesn’t end up in the same nick as Barton’s barbaric bigoted brother lol.